4.29 MOXIE! -Flea Market & Music-

18:00- / 500(+1D ORDER)
●DJs: ikill / zzz / RAGI / DOGSHiT / HARADA / Reve
●clothes: dub
●Resin: Toshiki Sakaguchi (ego)
●Accessory: Reve

Author: MHz

平日はおいしい珈琲やお酒、フードが楽しめリラックスした雰囲気のCafeBar。週末はDJ、LIVE、WORKSHOP等様々なイベントが開催されています。 MEGAHERTZ opened in 1999 as a space for people to enjoy aspects of culture, such as music, fashion, photography, design, various cuisine, coffee, and friendly interaction. We are open daily as a cafe/bar where we, at times, hold DJ parties, art exhibitions, and workshops. Please check our schedule and then stop in every chance you get! Enjoy together!!